Coffee Overload

By Maria – Account Manager for Latin America


-       LOCATION

Portland, Oregon was this year’s host city for the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) event. It is a very tidy, clean and fit city with lots of people on bikes or jogging and the streets and public transport were spotless (the public transport in the city centre was free!). Not to mention how friendly the people were… surprisingly starting by the immigration officer at the airport! Really!


I love coffee signI’ve never seen so many coffee shops in one place and the ones I visited didn’t disappoint! At the conference and at the shops I had an overload of coffee in different shapes and forms: americanos, espressos, chocolate coated coffee beans, chocolate smoothie with crushed coffee beans, coffee liquor…


I had the chance to meet our producers face to face and to listen to what they had to say about how thankful they are having our facility, but most importantly feeling that they were genuine when they were “happy “ to meet us in person.


Maria with Cenfrocafe


Fair Trade USAI heard about the current changes with Fair Trade USA. Seeing the “passion” of the producers putting across their points of view and their feelings towards the new scenario of having in one hand Fair Trade USA and also Fairtrade International… in Merling Preza’s words the general feeling was:

“Fair trade should evolve and go forward but needs to maintain its principals and values.”

*Merling Preza: General Manager of Prodecoop and President of CLAC’s Board

*CLAC: Latin American and Caribbean Network of Small Fair Trade Producers

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Mexican coffee farmer at work in the fields

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