A Lifeline for the Community

Edwin and I had a very moving experience visiting the inspirational association Intercrafts Peru. This co-operative represents over 20 producer groups and 1,400 members.  General Manager, Moner Lizana Huaman described the organisation as a family and many of the artisans we met echoed this sentiment.  Moner wanted me to pass on his thanks to Shared Interest investors for providing the funding to “change lives”. 

We saw how the groups recently approved term loan was being put to good use, funding the construction of a new building.  This new office will house 25 staff and will be a base for artisans to meet, share ideas and discuss their future vision. 

Whilst visiting Intercrafts we met Ildefolso a jovial man who is responsible for communications.  Ildefolso was suffering from kidney failure and attended hospital every other day for dialysis.  This vital treatment was only made possible through health insurance received from Intercrafts.


We also travelled to see one of the producer groups “Asociacion Casa Betania”.  There we met Emily, a weaver who had worked for the association for seven years.  Emily explained that she liked coming to work where she made colourful hats and jumpers for sale.  The money she earned meant she could have a better life for her family.  As we travelled to our next appointment, through the suburbs of Lima and witnessed the local hardship, it was even more apparent that this co-operative provides a lifeline for the community and really does change lives.

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