Guilt free chocolate?

I am a self confessed chocolate lover. I have had a good think and I’m not sure I can think of a variety I don’t enjoy. Lucky for me Divine Chocolate produces more than enough flavours to keep my taste buds happy. I think that if desert island style, I was forced to pick my favourite chocolate combination, It would have to be mixed with a bit of the green stuff. Chocolate and mint is definitely a winner.

As the main criteria for my Big Swap Blog is exchanging things I really do use for fair trade alternatives, I knew from the start that chocolate would be involved, although I am actually surprised that it isn’t featured more heavily!

When I discovered Divine’s After Dinner Mints I must admit that I was overjoyed. Chocolate, mint and Fairtrade, what more could I ask for? Perfection.

Not that I needed an excuse but I have invited my friend Kara round for dinner and a fair trade chocolate taste sensation (make sure you have a look at my video to see how we got on).

Whilst obviously Divine’s fair trade status doesn’t make the chocolate taste any better (although the cocoa count does make it nicer than other varieties) it certainly offsets any calorie guilt I might have.

Divine are part owned by the Ghanaian cocoa co-operative Kuapa Kooko who produce the cocoa. This means that as well as getting a fair deal for producing the cocoa these producers also get some of the profits from us buying, and eating, Divine chocolate. If that doesn’t make you feel better about eating chocolate I don’t know what will!

My true connoisseur verdict is that these are a great after dinner treat, Looks like those Fairtrade socks may have to accompany me on another run!

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