These aren’t just any flowers…

Whilst yesterday’s foray into the world of fair trade baking was a delicious experience, I must admit that it made a bit of a mess. Today my aim is to bring new life into the house quite literally with some fresh flowers.

Flowers are a natural pick-me up. Given the opportunity I buy them for myself, for friends and family on birthdays and the like or let’s face it, just because it’s Tuesday. My flower obsession is actually a rather obvious opportunity to go fair trade but somehow it’s something I hadn’t really considered before.

Despite my enthusiasm for this particular swap, I found it quite difficult to find fair trade flowers to swap to, in the end I went for a Marks and Spencer bouquet, although it is so enormous I’m not sure I have a vase big enough to take them all. Ah well, we can have fair trade roses in EVERY room in the house, they can act as a “subtle” hint to my boyfriend…show him what Valentine’s Day was supposed to look like!

As much as I like the flowers in my video, I would really like to see more fair trade flower options available. Before the comments board gets over excited, I know there are debates around air miles etc, but I’ve reached the decision that they are better environmentally than some of those coming from hot houses, and certainly better for the people growing and picking them.

As you can see from my video post, my flower arranging skills can’t be described as the best in the industry, however I can be proud of the flowers’ fair trade origins and I don’t know about you but I certainly think that this makes them smell a whole lot sweeter.

Now if only there were fair trade plasters to help me deal with all these thorn cuts….

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6 thoughts on “These aren’t just any flowers…

  1. Hi Sally, I’m loving the flowers. I was so inspired yesterday that I bought some family and friends Fairtrade gifts to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight. Boots now have some fantastic new Fairtrade products and chocolate never goes a miss!

  2. Sally, I don’t think we should get too uppity about air miles, if we conserve energy and carbon at home we can offset those emissions!

    The key is to ensure that people who suffer most due to trade injustice and climate change don’t lose out more because we don’t want to fly their flowers over here, and I have heard the same thing about hot house flowers.

    I am holding a Fairtrade event tomorrow in Newcastle for the local Baha’i Community, must try and get some flowers, I hope that Marks and Sparks still have some on sale after work tomorrow, they would make a great example for the community!

  3. Michael,

    I agree with you with regards to air miles and trade justice.

    I hope your Fairtrade event goes well and that you find some lovely fairtrade flowers for the occassion.

  4. Just remembered but I was recently told by someone from Oxfam that of the total carbon footprint of a cup of tea, 65% is as a result of what happens in the UK, specifically the boiling of the kettle.

    I know it’s a little off topic, but all we have to do is boil only what we need and not the whole kettle and we can massively reduce the carbon footprint of our tea.

  5. Funny you should mention chocolate Andrea, it will feature here shortly so watch this space.

    I hope your friends and family enjoyed their gifts.

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