My Big Fairtrade Birthday Cake Bake Off

Here we go.  The first day of my Big Swap Blog challenge and  let’s hope my first venture rises to the occasion.  Quite literally or this could be embarrassing.

I want to make  my fair trade swaps appealing to you and relevant to me so I’m beginning the only way I can with a cake, something for you to try for yourselves (I mean, who doesn’t like cake?!) and something  I’ve developed a bit of a reputation for making and baking!

It does have to be a bit of an occasion for me to dust off my rolling pin but the fact that Shared Interest is all grown up and 20 years old this year deserves a bit of time in the kitchen.

So, because I’m swapping my usual products for fair trade ones, I had to make sure I tracked down the right recipe.

A Banana and Raisin tea loaf seems ideal because I can use dried fruit from Tropical Wholefoods.  Plus all but two of the ingredients – flour and eggs – are fair trade and tea is something we should all be swapping this Fairtrade Fortnight – we are a nation famous for drinking the stuff after all.

I’d best let you in on this now: I’m not really a measuring type of baker.  I generally measure ingredients by seeing if the amount looks right and throwing it in the mixing bowl.  A bit like my cocktail technique, which you’ll hear more about later.

Although I already eat Fairtrade bananas I hadn’t really considered banana chips or tried the  Bogoya slices in this cake.  So…..some for the cake…some for me.  After all, quality control is vital!

Well, let’s hope that the cake tastes as good as it looks.  I’ve just peeked in the oven and it’s currently trying to escape from the loaf tin. Apparently it tastes great straight from the oven with some butter on top.

If this is the case and its mission successful, I’m going to try and keep up this swap to fair trade cake ingredients, then all my friends and family can enjoy their celebrations the fair way.  I’m already thinking of replacing chocolate eggs with some Simnel Cake for Easter.   In the meantime, check out my cake bake in real time on my video blog.

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4 thoughts on “My Big Fairtrade Birthday Cake Bake Off

  1. Fantastic Sally, you have inspired me to make a Fairtrade cake this week to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight. Looking forward to your next instalment x

  2. That looks tasty! Louise and I have signed up to be the Fairtrade bakers tomorrow for the office Fairtrade tea and coffee morning. I think I will make some vegan chocolate muffins (using some Naranjillo cocoa that I have purchased last year in Peru!)

  3. Sally, you are looking far too comfortable in that banana costume. I’m starting to worry about you.
    Your cake looked delicious. I might just give it ago myself.

  4. I’m glad to have created a ‘stir’ of inspiration among the keen bakers.

    As for the banana costume Amy. What can I say, it’s just so a’peel’ing haha.

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