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Each week, Shared Interest will highlight a business who is actively promoting Fairtrade in their community. This blog post does not imply endorsement by Shared Interest. Please contact us if you would like the ‘spotlight’ on your company.

Global Sistergoods, a fair trade and eco-friendly marketplace for unique gifts made by women, advances economic development among economically disadvantaged artisans in fragile and emerging economies by investing in entrepreneurship, self-reliance and micro enterprise development through selling fair-trade, eco-friendly jewellryhandbags, home décor items, and children’s clothing and dolls.

They provide technical assistance to these artisans– when required –on issues concerning exporting, quality control, setting price points, product design and development and shipping. The company then markets the products to consumers in the U.S. through its website, and through its growing U.S.-based network of brick and mortar boutiques and retail outlets.

Global Sistergoods sustains traditional craft-making techniques while providing high-quality products from around the world. They promotes gender and economic equity in their partner countries and dedicate themselves to long-term relationships with both the artisans with whom they work, and their customers.

When women have control of their own destiny, beautiful things can happen.

Truly sustainable international development occurs when women are included in the process, yet they are often overlooked as integral to the discussion. Many international organizations are addressing this disparity through microloans and training, but do not help women develop the skills and the products that will connect to the global market. They provide this missing connection, and in so doing create sustainable livelihoods.

They recognize that women all over the world share common experiences and want to connect their customers with the lives of the women artisans they partner with. By sharing their stories, on their web site and on information cards included with purchase, they emphasize that women everywhere are strong, resilient and proud. Their website additionally serves as a resource on women’s issues in the countries where we have partners, describing the work being done politically, legally and socially to improve the lives of women and girls. They provide links to organizations in-country working for the rights of women so that customers may connect directly with the issues that matter the most to them (for example, see the pages on UgandaIndia, or Peru). Through their social media initiatives, they examine current global events affecting women, and the intersection between the personal and the political. Customers can also dedicate 5% of their purchase to NGOs working in the U.S. for women’s empowerment through our Gifts That Give Back section.

Global Sistergoods celebrates women as creative problem-solvers, entrepreneurs and agents of societal change. They believe it’s a beautiful world, and they invite you to come see it with them.

Global Sistergoods was founded in 2006 by two sisters, Beth Kapsch and Kristi Jo (KJ) Lewis, who combined their professional backgrounds in living wage issues, international development, public policy and women’s equality and their personal love of beautiful, fair trade and eco-friendly goods to create a marketplace for women artisans from around the world.

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