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Zaytoun became a customer of Shared Interest in 2008. Zaytoun is a community interest company established in 2004 to support marginalized farming communities in Palestine. Palestine is the home of the olive tree, supporting over half the population and dominating the agricultural landscape. Zaytoun finds a market place for Palestinian produce in the UK.  As a non-profit company their primary objectives lie with the welfare of the producing communities. They invest in empowering farming communities and developing the agricultural infrastructure in Palestine.  Zaytoun work with an agricultural cooperative in Palestine called Al Zaytouna. They have met with the organizers of Al Zaytouna many times and formed a relationship based on work, respect and solidarity.  The aim of Al Zaytouna is to defend the olive tree and market its products. They work across the West Bank and are focused on working on cooperative principles to give the farmers a stronger voice, invest in agricultural infrastructure and access new markets for their olive oil.

As well as selling olive oil etc Zaytoun also organise Harvest tours for people who are interested in meeting and seeing the farmers in Palestine.Zaytoun have strong relationships with other Shared Interest customers such as Equal Exchange Trading and Canaan. The term loan that Canaan received from Shared Interest was used for a building and asset purchases, Zaytoun visited Canaan to see how the money had helped.

Heather Masoud was recently accredited for the Women in Ethical Business Awards.

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