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This week, ahead of National Ethical Investment Week, Shared Interest was delighted to have taken part in The Guardian’s, You Ask, They Answer.  This five day online slot, which is part of The Guardian’s Ethical Living Section, involves companies putting themselves forward to be questioned by Guardian online readers.

Shared Interest’s PR Manager Stina Dodds said, ‘Securing this online slot was a real coup for Shared Interest, especially in the run up to National Ethical Investment Week.  You can see how we did by logging onto the site at any time.  You might even want to add comments to future slots if they link in any way to fair trade or Shared Interest.  All you have to do is register with The Guardian if you are not already signed up.  This only takes a couple of minutes and you can register here.  Then, when you go to make a comment, the site will ask you to provide a User Name.  Once this is done, you are ready to go and can start asking questions.’

Stina continues, ‘To give you an idea of what this means to us in terms of publicity, there can be anything between around 5,000 and 100,000 page views during the first five days, and then the slot remains available in the archive for months afterwards.’

Whilst the slot is now closed for questions, this month we would like you to direct friends, neighbours, colleagues etc to the site.  This will give them the opportunity to learn more about Shared Interest; reading questions posted by members of the public and answers posted by Shared Interest staff, many of such issues they themselves would be interested to learn more about.

As Monday is the start of National Ethical Investment Week, now is a great opportunity to promote the work of Shared Interest and offer those around you an opportunity to learn more about us in this unique fashion.  Sending a quick email to 10 friends about National Ethical Investment Week, Shared Interest and attaching this link where they can read more about us, means that you are partaking in a combined effort with staff to promote Shared Interest and allow others to read why investing with us is so important.

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