Soggy ‘Tenners’? Not by having a Shared Interest.

A few weeks ago I took the opportunity for a change of scene from my usual networking opportunities and stepped aboard a refurbished passenger ferry for a lunch date with a difference. Logos Hope is the newest ship to have been commissioned by OM (Operation Mobilisation) and has been moored near Canary Wharf in London for the past few weeks. Invited onboard by one of our newest Ambassadors I thought I’d go along to learn more by attending one of their events, a Business Networking Lunch with guest speaker Brian Souter of Stagecoach.

Mr Souter began by telling us about hope. His hope in us as human beings and the encouragement hope gives us make decisions and choices and the hope we have for the future. He reflected life currently, in light of the ‘economic crisis’, and concluded that after all is said and done what we are left with is Faith, Hope and Love. These prospects rang true as I thought of the context of our work and how similar these three concepts are to Shared Interest’s values of Love, Justice and Stewardship. Mr Souter went further to relate his ideas to the financial ‘crisis’ by commenting on his concern for finding the safest place for his local churches money, charged with this responsibility as treasurer of the church. He rapidly concluded that having all their eggs in one basket, especially when a large number of those eggs were in one of the failing banks, was not the best idea and spread the money around.

Reflecting on the difficulties of accessing credit when setting up Stagecoach in the 1980s, Mr Souter recalled borrowing most of the money from his father. The father who didn’t much trust the banks with his money and so kept it in various places around the house, spreading the risk, another value of Shared Interest members. He found a new hiding place under the bath and was very pleased with this new location, until his wife accidentally knocked the exit pipe from the bath and he returned home to find all his ‘tenners’ pegged to the clothes horse! Sharing in the risk with Shared Interest means our customers and members share the risk of having their ‘tenners’ pegged to the clothes horse where they each may have one drying in the breeze. However, in our twenty year history no-one has kicked our exit pipe…

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