First Carbon Offsetting Project


Shared Interest has for the very first time committed to carbon off setting all of the flights we have made over the last year. This means that all of the carbon emissions created as a result of our flights will be off set through an environmental project.


Each time we heat our homes, take a flight or drive the car, CO2 is added into the atmosphere. CO2 is a greenhouse gas that is released when fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal are burnt.
We can all take simple steps to reduce the amount of CO2 we produce by recycling, reducing and reusing.
We can also offset the rest.  Offsetting means paying someone to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere on our behalf.  In that way we can pay for the damage we are causing and the money helps to fund transition to a lower-carbon world. One of the options to do this is through Forest restoration – this absorbs the CO2 as the trees grow.

Well over the last year Amy has very kindly been tracking all of our flights and has compiled these in order to calculate the amount of CO2 we have emitted as a result of our flights.

Through some of the research that Andrea has conducted in Rwanda we came across an excellent project to support: REDO!
REDO is Rwanda national NGO involved in protected area conservation mostly in National Parks, through the implementation of the community based conservation projects.

For more than six years REDO has been implementing bee keeping project, tree planting, environment awareness and fuel stoves dissemination projects around Volcano National Park , Akagera National Park.and Busaga and Gishwati natural forests.

One of the main objectives of REDO’s is to integrate the Batwa group (Pygmies/forest people in Rwanda) in Rwandan community. The BATWA lived in forests for many years, however in recent years they have been forced out without any plan for their integration into another area, this has resulted in the BATWA now being some of the most marginalised and disadvantaged members of society, without access to primary health care,  education or land.


Shared Interest will be donating £480 to this project

This will help the organisation plant between 2,000 – 3,000 trees (both agro-forestry and fruits)

The fruit trees will be given to the BATWA community, raising their daily nutritional intake and empowering them to create their own livelihoods.

The agro-forestry will be planted on farms helping to combat soil erosion which has over the last few years contributed to landslides and flooding.

If you would like to support the work of Shared Interest please visit our justgiving site

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